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What is web 3.0 ?

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What is WEB 3.0 ?

Web 3.0 also called as Semantic web and “The Semantic Web is an extension of the current web in which information is given well-defined meaning, also the main concept at which web 3.0 is working to create a Decentralization WEB Before understanding web 3.0 we have to understand what is web 1. O and web 2.0,  

WEB 1.0

Let’s go to the era of the early internet where the sites were only published as Read-Only where the pages are only static and where the users cannot interact with the pages this stage of the web is known as Web 1. O

WEB 2.0

After that in Year, 2004 new types of websites come into popularity like Orkut, Facebook, they provide a platform for interaction where users can comment and share their views, and some Amazed and Daisy people were called this web version WEB 2.O. Later YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar platforms come and create a new trend of interactive websites known as Social Media now we all know the power of the Internet.

WEB 1.0 WEB 2.0 WEB 3.0

Now the question arises why there is so much hype about WEB 3.0 ?

So 1st we have to understand the problems of WEB 2.O problems which are:

  1. Privacy
  2. Security
  3. Monopoly

Let’s recall some Security and Privacy Fail events where lots of data get hacked or Breach

1. Yahoo

Date: August 2013

Impact: 3 billion accounts (Data Hacked)

2. Alibaba

Date: November 2019

Impact: 1.1 billion pieces of user data (Data Breach)

3. LinkedIn

Date: June 2021
Impact: 700 million users (Data Breach)

4. Facebook

Date: April 2019
Impact: 533 million users (Data Breach)

And many more:-

Source: https://www.csoonline.com/article/2130877/the-biggest-data-breaches-of-the-21st-century.html

The main point to recall these events is to show how our Privacy is fully compromised by these companies and we can think about security how secure our data on their servers are?

So to overcome all these problems web 3.0 comes with many possibilities

The updated version of the internet which is known as WEB 3.0 will make use of blockchain — the technology underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies–and hence, allow the internet to be supported by decentralized networks. As a result, website owners will no longer need to depend on servers owned by big companies. IPFS (interplanetary file system) is already providing Decentralize Environment where we can store the file in a decentralized manner and can be accessed from anywhere in the world by 24/7 without any downtime.

Following are some of the potential benefits of Web 3.0:

It is expected to be more reliable

Web 3.0 will give more freedom to creators and users in general. With the help of decentralized networks, Web 3.0 will ensure its users always remain in control of their online data. The next version of the internet is also expected to be more reliable as its decentralized nature removes the occurrence of a single-point failure.

 It will be true for any and everyone

Web 3.0 does not require a single entity to control it. Bigger corporations may no longer control any aspect of the internet. As a result, decentralized apps or dApps cannot be censored, and neither can their access be restricted.

Increased personalization of the internet

Since Web 3.0 will be able to understand your preferences, you will be able to extensively personalize your web browsing experience. This will also help you surf the web in a productive way.

Web 3.0 will help sellers to market better

With the help of the artificial intelligence of Web 3.0, sellers can understand your buying needs and show you products and services that you are keen on purchasing. This helps you see better and more relatable advertisements that have a higher chance of being beneficial for you.

Uninterrupted services

The decentralization will mean every data will be stored on distributed nodes and therefore, users need not worry about suspension of a particular account or service disruptions due to technical or other reasons.

Easier access to one’s personal and public data

Web 3.0 is vast and interconnected. Though this is its strength, the semantic network also makes it easy for anybody to gain access to the public and private information that you share online.

However, all these advantages and disadvantages are based on information that is currently available. Web 3.0 is still in the works and the actual version could be a lot different. It’s just wait-and-watch till then.

Machine Learning (AI)

The main boom comes in this field is through neural networks where Artificial Intelligence can work better on the Semantic web because data is trustful the neural networks can access the data from anywhere and can perform better tasks as per their intelligence which is going to increase as more information comes to  Semantic Web.

Some WEB 2.0 & WEB 3.0 Storage Tools and Apps.

WEB 3.0 Storage Apps

Some WEB 2.0 & WEB 3.0 Streaming Apps

WEB 3.0 Streaming Apps

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