A Quantum Computer Breakthrough  

As normal computers  Can work with 0 and 1 logic that is called Binary system


In Quantum Computer information is stored in individual trapped Calcium atoms  , Which have 8 states

But quantum computer use only 2 states of atoms for computation 

So What's New In Breakthrough , The answer is 

The physicists from Innsbruck research and developed a quantum computer that can make use of the full potential of these atoms, by computing with qudits.

 main parts in Previous quantum computer use qubits which have only 2 state that used for computation

But in Qudits can work with 8 states which make quantum computer to fast and Accurate

With the help of Quantum computer scientist can solve Chemistry , Biology problem in few seconds 

One more Beautiful thing of quantum computers is 

By the help Of Quantum computer physics, chemistry, or material science, are also naturally expressed in the qudit language

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