5 Facts About Bitcoin


Fact No 1

Previously China about To Controls 60% of Bitcoin Hash Power , But Now BTC mining is Divided all over  makes BTC more Decentralized

Fact No 2

No Banks and Middle Man involves in trading or transferring of Bitcoin

Fact No 3

Bitcoin is not Owned Or Controlled by a Central institute or Entity it relies on network of global Contributors

Fact no 4

El-salvador-becomes-first-country-to-use-bitcoin-as-legal-tender. Many Countries like Canada ,US  Declare Cryptocurrencies as commodity's THE FBI Owns about 1.5 % of total world bitcoin Supply.

Fact No 5

All Bitcoin Transaction  Data is Visible and can be tracked on Blockchain. Bonus Fact :- Nobody knows who Created Bitcoin Except a Name Satoshi Nakamoto

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