UK Next Prime minister

UK Next Prime minister seems Crypto Friendly

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Liz Truss is set to become the UK’s next prime minister following her victory in the election to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader.

It is very likely it is possible that Mrs. Truss’s responses to the cost of living issue, which she promised to tackle within a matter of days of her inauguration is what will define her first term as a premier and her chances for a mandate on her own at the following general election.

It is interesting to note that those working who work in the cryptocurrency market are keen to know how the new British prime minister will approach the cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, she tweeted that “we must accept cryptocurrency in a way that doesn’t restrict their capabilities and allow for the market by removing restrictions that prevent the growth of.

We must welcome cryptocurrency in a manner that doesn’t limit their potential. Free enterprise zones should be liberated by removing the regulations that limit the growth of. #PolicyExchange #futureoffreedom #shakeup— Liz Truss (@trussliz) January 30, 2018

UK and crypto

In addition, a study conducted recently discovered that in addition to those of the US as well as Ukraine it is the UK is the top country in the use of cryptocurrency worldwide. The study considered the amount of crypto owners within a nation as well as the global Decentralized Finance ( DeFi ) adoption index, the amount of businesses that accept cryptocurrency payments, the number of Bitcoin ( BTC ) ATMs, and also the monthly volume of searches for cryptocurrency-related terms.

In the light of the rising crypto industry and the growing demand for crypto, the UK Parliamentary Group also initiated an investigation in August to additional regulation of the crypto space.

Truss to tackle the growing energy crisis

Truss’s run for Party’s leadership is not without controversy. When asked about how she would deal with the issue of increasing cost of living, she replied she would focus effort on “lowering the tax burden, not giving out handouts”.

It appears that Liz Truss’s team are shift their attention to the task of determining what type of assistance might be in the near future to help customers in their growing cost of energy.

Truss promises to unveil an action plan within the next week. She is scheduled to unveil plans for cutting down on energy bills for homes and bolstering the nation’s long-term energy sources.

Finbold said the 31st of August, that his report on the UK economy is in the midst of stagflation, as it phase off Russian energy imports and faces increasing food, energy and prices, which are reducing household buying power and reducing savings rates for those with hard-to-get-by credit.

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