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The Metaverse is Expanding and Merging The Science Fiction Elements Into Virtual Reality!

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The Metaverse, NFT are Expanding, and new tech firms are joining continuously, recently Samsung just Created their Store in the Metaverse and other Tech Firms are continuously launching their Stores, Lands, Shopping Malls, etc. in Metaverse

It’s a varied landscape with amazing casinos, shopping Malls, Movie Halls , up-and-coming art galleries, first-rate concerts, and luxury shopping…

Example:- Land Pic Mana

With a focus on personal freedom and cutting-edge technological innovation…

Easily reached from just about anywhere in the world…

And every day, more and more people – especially young people – are visiting for work, play, education, or all of the above.

By 2025, it could be one of the 20 most valuable economies on the planet… bigger than Israel and Ireland’s combined.

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s CEO, thinks it “is going to be a new economy that is larger than our current economy.”

And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying to move his entire company to this place as soon as possible.

It isn’t a city, state, or country… In fact, it’s not a physical location at all.

Yes, we are talking about the metaverse.

And while 2021 was a big year for mainstream metaverse news, 2022 is shaping up to be the “dot-com boom” equivalent for metaverse stocks and tech.

It sounds like something out of the new Matrix movie, but the metaverse is a virtual world… intimately connected to our real-world… where just about anything is possible.

Some of our daily activities already contain shades of a metaverse future.

Take online-only social media “friends,” for example – people you haven’t met in person but who feel familiar…

That idea of a real personal connection without physical contact has evolved into completely virtual worlds where people meet, interact, and have genuine relationships… as digital avatars of their real-life selves.

However, this is more than an enhanced Zoom call.

With a virtual reality headset, you can get a full 3D panoramic view of the place you’re in… and hear everything going on around you as if you’re in the room…

And through haptic devices – mechanical interfaces that provide physical feedback, like the touchscreen on your smartphone vibrating against your fingers – it will even be possible to “feel” a virtual handshake or hug.

ome people have likened it to teleporting into and out of digital spaces, with completely realistic interactions.

You’ll be able to go anywhere and do just about anything from the comfort of an armchair and feel like it’s actually happening.

Meanwhile, the information conveyed by our mobile devices will also get more and more integrated with our real-world surroundings…

With the advent of 5G networks, individual data bandwidth is skyrocketing. So, it will be possible to experience much richer, digitally enhanced worlds as you travel through real, physical spaces.

Even if much of this still sounds abstract, it’s a mistake to ignore it – especially after what we’ve seen during past technological breakthroughs.

Remember how unbelievable a fully evolved internet sounded back in 1995?

Or how skeptical everyone was about cryptos when we first started recommending them in 2016?

Make no mistake: The metaverse will create opportunities that are just as big as any of those other technological revolutions.

Based on our research,

Some Best Projects On Metaverse are:-

1. Decentraland MANA

2. The Sandbox SAND

3. Theta Network

4. Enjin Coin ENJ



7 Star Atlas ATLAS (Gaming Metaverse)

9. TLM

10. Verasity  VRA

11. Mogul Productions STARS (Hollywood Movies, NFT, Metaverse)

In the above list, The Mogul Production Stars Token is a Very New and solid Project with Low Market Cap, Also VRA is also in the Same Range.

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