Is Cryptocurrency Dead
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Is Cryptocurrency Dead ?

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Dear all , A question which is now mostly asked by New crypto users Or we can say New Crypto Investors “Is cryptocurrency Dead ” these question are already asked many times Previously , When the market Hits upper circuit or we can say it makes higher Highs no Body asked for future of cryptocurrency , every news media and other channels are write beautiful articles about coins that X coin gives x number of returns to users , some media say People become rich thanx to crypto New Game changing Technology Bla bLa bla , But when market Bear cycle comes the media channels say Crypto is scam , People loosing money , But their are some reputed media channels also provide very good and right information to their users , But most of them just write as per their sentiments not as per technological knowledge ,.

So the Readers who want to know that crypto is dead , they have to first understand the technology which is behind the Cryptocurrency and that technology is blockchain , and its products are Smart Contracts , NFTS , DE-FI and many more , You know in 2018 Bull run every body is taking about crypto and after making ATH of around $17,527. The lowest dip was around $3,236 in December 2018. and at that time people are taking that crypto is finished But in 2020-2021 btc agin break their own records at that time ATH is around $ 69000 , and at the time of writing BTC is at $ 19500 and people are again saying same thing but now the Projection is same as per On chain data of previous records in next bull run BTC may touch $ 300000 . So who are searching is BTC/ is Cryptocurrency dead the answer is no it just a Market Cycle , But the people who want to invest in Cryptocurrency we have already write some articles about

High potential Cryptocurrency coins .

New Cryptocurrency Release in 2022

So if you really want to know about good projects you can Visit our pages for complete information , in these articles we are not just share the details of cryptocurrency but also share the complete description of coins and what are this use case and why they called high potential coins everything is described properly .

If You Want to Know more about on chain analysis and how this data can help you to understand the Market though on chain , Please comment .

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