INERY 1st Decentralized Data Base management System Blockchain

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What is INERY ?

INERY is a Blockchain based project which Provide the database management system on Blockchain database , Where till now all the web 3.0 service providers solution only provide Decentralized Storage solutions , But INERY is the 1st Blockchain based project which provide the Decentralized Database Management system . With the help of INERY DB


Inery’s database management solution (IneryDB) integrates blockchain functionalities with distributed database management properties. Built on a decentralized infrastructure, IneryDB supports high throughput, low latency, complex query search and owner-controlled data assets.

IneryDB allows developers and enterprises to securely store, access, manage and deliver data on a decentralized infrastructure supporting various industries.


Inery Blockchain is Layer 1 blockchain , which have unique functionalities , of data management and best part is on any plate farm you can use to make your DAPSS

Inery’s layer-1 blockchain facilitates secure data sharing with greater speed and better security. It lays the foundation of the underlying infrastructure to deploy decentralized applications and allow cross-chain interoperability.

this cross chain technology can easily manage Big Data and makes applications deployment simpler .

this chain is highly scalable because the team has designed the Blockchain from the scratch and only that’s why initially they have provide layer 1 solution . Inery blockchain use proof of stake mechanism which makes the ecosystem highly environment friendly and cheap . they have also launched new type of proof of stake mechanism which is called as Proof of equal Stake .

Transaction per second

As we know TPS play very important role in Blockchain because if a blockchain have good TPS its adaptation chances will increase and INERY TPS is near about 5000 means it can handle 5000 transaction per second which is 3 x from Polka dot .

INERY Future Plans

Recently INERY launch its Test-Net which shows very good results , Now they are going to launch Mainnet and INR token . After that they are going to launch INERY will Built following points

Module library development (node.JS, Java, C++, C#, PHP, Golang)

Testing and debugging modules

Web GUI, which every Client can run on its own server (something similar to phpMyAdmin, MongoDB GUI, all query functionalities, database structure creation, database access, and edit permissions, database visualization, visual editor)

Desktop GUI (all query functionalities, database structure creation, database access, and edit permissions, database visualization, visual editor), possibilities same as Web GUI

Testing and debugging GUI functionality

These all points are going to develop in in end of 2022 /Q4 2022

this makes this blockchain very unique and its use case future is Bright.

Most Gamechanger Future Plan

  • Importing existing non-relational databases from different solutions into the IneryDB database system Adding new options for importing data from CSV files . this feature allow user to migrate from existing centralized database to decentralized , exciting database .

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