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Ethereum Decentralized Nature is in Danger After Merge from Ethereum POW to POS

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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a reaction on Ethereum’s Upgrade Ethereum POW to POS ( ETH) change to a proof-of-stake ( PoS) protocol that has several advantages, including the possibility of making ETH an asset that can be used to deflate. In this regard the on-chain activity that is being reported by Ethereum holders is one of the primary metrics being studied to gauge the effects of the upgrade.

In fact, as on September 15, Ethereum post– merger inflation analysis showed that 46.15 percent from the currency’s PoS nodes are managed through two different addresses. the data provided from the Blockchain Analysis Platform Santiment suggests.

After this upgrade primary address has validated the 188 blocks that account for 28.97 percent, while the second-largest has 16.18 percent which is 105 blocks. In general, both wallets control the majority of the processing of transactions on Ethereum, including the storage of data, as well as creating additional block-based blocks.

The importance of nodes in the Ethereum blockchain

After the introduction of the Staking system on Ethereum Nodes play an essential role when they make “stakes” in tokens over duration of time in exchange for a shot of being chosen to make another block.

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