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cryptocurrency future ?

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In my personal view Yes Cryptocurrency future is very bright, Reason for saying yes as we know gold-based currency is the basic method for trade-in the past Era after that banks comes into existence. They are center-controlled based currency Centers Means Government agenesis/Financial institutions.
The description is as follows.
Over the years, the market economy brought about a dominant economic model primarily based on the centralized structure of financial institutions. In this sense, centralization denotes the creation of a few financial institutions and banks that are organized and managed from the top (Kuschpèta, 1978). According to Neuberger (1959), centralization can be conceptualized as the desirability of central control over decisions on credit allocation. In finance, centralization can be manifested in control exerted by financial institutions over the economy’s total money supply. For example, centralization implies that central banks can perform and supervise all the country’s banking operations, exerting an influence over other independent banks, regardless of their geographic location. Examples of these operations include the issuance of money by the central bank, a specific commercial bank, and other private issuers (Bech and Garratt, 2017), identifying the type of money (electronic or physical), and controlling the transfer of money. Centralization is a crucial aspect, and it lies in the power of the central bank to create currencies and ensure price and financial stability. The centralized structure of the financial system has contributed to the privatization of profits and the socialization of losses. For example, the weaknesses of financial systems and the breakdown of their dynamic stability have resulted in a persistent and significant rise in unemployment in the United States during the 2007–2009 global financial crisis (Avouyi-Dovi and Neto, 2004). The 2008 global financial crisis has urged the general public to question the monetary instruments’ effectiveness and reliability and the ability of central banks and government authorities to respond to the crisis (Drašković, 2018). The global financial crisis has also influenced the regulatory space of both banks and financial markets. and this whole raised a question against the monetary system and that question Create BITCOIN which is completely Decentralized and secure by Cryptography Technology. In which Ethereum and carnado type cryptocurrency have changed the complete logic of smart banking with smart contracts.

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