Quest 2 Body Tracking major Breakthrough in Body Positioning without Trackers In Metaverse

Meta researchers proved that Quest 2 body tracking was possible without the use of additional trackers. The current VR systems come with a headset and a handheld controller. They only measure your head and track your hands. A class of algorithms known as inverse kinematics can estimate the position of your elbows and torso. However, this […]


Russia Shows Interest in Cryptocurrency by Allowing the Crypto for Cross Border Payments

Russia is averse to crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum in recent years. Sanctions against Russia as it began its exile from Ukraine have accumulated and the government been experimenting with cryptocurrency to avoid sanctions. In its latest move that was announced, Russia’s Central Bank of Russia has made a move to allow cryptocurrency for payments across […]


INERY 1st Decentralized Data Base management System Blockchain

What is INERY ? INERY is a Blockchain based project which Provide the database management system on Blockchain database , Where till now all the web 3.0 service providers solution only provide Decentralized Storage solutions , But INERY is the 1st Blockchain based project which provide the Decentralized Database Management system . With the help […]


New Algorithm add By Open Sea NFT Platform to Rank NFT Rarity

In the midst of thousands of tokens that are non-fungible (NFTs) getting minted each day, finding rare items can be difficult for collectors of NFTs. But, as the field advances it is likely that the difficulty of finding rare NFTs (NFT Rarity) could soon be an issue of the past. In an announcement on Twitter, NFT marketplace OpenSea announced the […]


A New Decentralized protocol developed by

The tool for developing blockchain applications Infura is planning to introduce a decentralized infrastructure protocol in the beginning of next year, to solve concerns that the product is not sufficiently centralized to be used to power the Ethereum ecosystem’s applications that are decentralized (dapps). What is a Decentralized App ? The development of an infrastructure […]


China again Confuse the crypto industry by allow their citizens to trade Crypto |China trade Crypto

The Chinese court has decided that its citizens can continue to trade cryptocurrency despite China’s prohibition on digital assets and services. It is noteworthy that China has a ban in place on cryptocurrency trading, which is based on the risk to the financial sector’s stability. The Beijing Number One Intermediate People’s Court decided that interested investors could only trade in cryptocurrencies, but […]

Ethereum Upgrade

Ethereum Decentralized Nature is in Danger After Merge from Ethereum POW to POS

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a reaction on Ethereum’s Upgrade Ethereum POW to POS ( ETH) change to a proof-of-stake ( PoS) protocol that has several advantages, including the possibility of making ETH an asset that can be used to deflate. In this regard the on-chain activity that is being reported by Ethereum holders is one of the primary metrics […]


Samsung Crypto Exchange & Mirae Asset Securities Going to Launch Crypto Exchanges in Near Future.

South Korean securities companies have been reported to have focused their attention on the cryptocurrency industry and plan to launch digital asset exchanges during the first quarter of 2023. The companies that are involved are Mirae Asset Securities and Samsung Securities. The financial regulators in the United States have been extremely strict with crypto-related companies […]