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Flow Blockchain
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What is Flow Blockchain

Flow Blockchain is a brand new blockchain designed for the next generation apps, games and digital assets. Flow is simple to use and easy to develop with. Every element of the platform was built from the ground up in order to provide exceptional user experience on a mainstream scale. Flow was originally created by the CryptoKitties […]

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Tiny Swarm Robots Developed by NASA which Swim on Other planets to find out Water

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is currently developing a concept that would allow potential planetary missions chase intriguing clues in the subsurface oceans. As per Nasa Jet propulsion website they are working on a project through which NASA can Explorer the water elements under the Surface of the planet As per NASA team A swarm of […]

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Difference Between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Ethereum are undisputedly the oldest and most popular digital currencies. Both are digital assets that can be traded on crypto exchanges and stored in wallets. Both coins are decentralized and use a distributed ledger technology known as the blockchain. Even though Ether and Bitcoin share similar characteristics, significant differences set Bitcoin and Ethereum […]

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What are blocks in the blockchain technology? Blocks are just like digital Ledger Where all the transactions are written with a Previous Block Hash , version number of the software, Time & Date Stamp ,goal of the current difficulty and Nonce , When a block get filled then a blockchain create a new block with […]

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What is MultiChain ? why Vtalik thumbs down on CrossChain.

Multichain. Dear readers welcome to the new topic of Multichain ( Multichain is a process in which two different blockchains Integrate & Communicate with Each other) why Vitalik butrin just ignored the Cross-chain technique ? Let’s explore As per Vtalik  Buterin, the co-founder and chief scientist of Ethereum, has sounded the alarm over the security […]

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The Metaverse is Expanding and Merging The Science Fiction Elements Into Virtual Reality!

The Metaverse, NFT are Expanding, and new tech firms are joining continuously, recently Samsung just Created their Store in the Metaverse and other Tech Firms are continuously launching their Stores, Lands, Shopping Malls, etc. in Metaverse It’s a varied landscape with amazing casinos, shopping Malls, Movie Halls , up-and-coming art galleries, first-rate concerts, and luxury shopping… […]