Quest 2 Body Tracking major Breakthrough in Body Positioning without Trackers In Metaverse

Meta researchers proved that Quest 2 body tracking was possible without the use of additional trackers. The current VR systems come with a headset and a handheld controller. They only measure your head and track your hands. A class of algorithms known as inverse kinematics can estimate the position of your elbows and torso. However, this […]


Russia Shows Interest in Cryptocurrency by Allowing the Crypto for Cross Border Payments

Russia is averse to crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum in recent years. Sanctions against Russia as it began its exile from Ukraine have accumulated and the government been experimenting with cryptocurrency to avoid sanctions. In its latest move that was announced, Russia’s Central Bank of Russia has made a move to allow cryptocurrency for payments across […]


Metaverse Regulation are Going to take place in South Korea

South Korean officials are working on the development of a Metaverse Industry Promotion Law. The government has taken various actions to establish itself in the world of web3. These statements shows that countries know the potential of web 3 technologies like metaverse NFT and De-fi . Officials of South Korea’s ruling political party are working to […]

Tornado Cash

What is Tornado Cash ? why US backlists Tornado Cash .

What is Tornado Cash Tornado cash (TORN), is an non-custodial privacy system that’s built on Ethereum. Tornado Cash, which was created using open source research by Zcash (a privacy coin), allows users to send Ethereum and ERC-20 funds through its smart contract service. You can withdraw your crypto via a new address once you have sent Tornado Cash an ETH/ERC-20 deposit. The asset can […]


Crypto Tax up to 50$ Transaction may be Exempt in Capital Gains

A bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Patrick Toomey (R-Pa.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) proposes exempting cryptocurrency from taxation transactions of up to $50. If it is passed If it is passed, this Virtual Currency Fairness Act will free U.S. crypto users from declaring transactions with digital assets below the minimum threshold. Senator Toomey stated that […]