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The tool for developing blockchain applications Infura is planning to introduce a decentralized infrastructure protocol in the beginning of next year, to solve concerns that the product is not sufficiently centralized to be used to power the Ethereum ecosystem’s applications that are decentralized (dapps).

What is a Decentralized App ?

The development of an infrastructure protocol that is decentralized is an important step in the plan of Infura to gradually disperse the company’s Web3 API services — an effort that includes the development of open-source code for the main elements that run the tool , and dispersing the JSON RPC API that users use to connect to the Ethereum blockchain.

Infura lets around three million users to connect apps with the Ethereum blockchain, without the need to operate a complete node. This requires more storage space and costs more. The accessibility comes at cost however. When running a fully-functional node, which lets users safeguard their the privacy of their data, Infura collects wallet addresses and IP information of its customers.

Despite its desire to decentralize, Infura will not discontinue its more centralized product which relies on a single company, ConsenSys, and Amazon-hosted cloud services. In the end, this decentralized system will be integrated into the existing offerings of the company.

Infura founder Eleazar Galano says Infura’s decentralized process will be a perfect complement to its central offerings to give its customers the best possible customer experience.

“What we’re focusing on is decentralizing is the infrastructure layer that lies beneath it so it’s easier for operators to interoperate who handle this kind of customer,” Galano told CoinDesk. “There’s certain aspects that cannot be decentralized regarding customer service. We have relationships with customers through dedicated support engineers and success managers like this.”

Galano states that Infura will be moving towards decentralization through the launch of an open-source initiative to create relationships between Infura and the larger DeFi community to make open source some of the most important elements that power Infura.

“We’re making this announcement to early partners who would like to join us in building this infrastructure that is decentralized,” Galana said. Galana “We are looking to deliver the kind of service customers expect from a node provider service such as Infura.”

Infrastructure providers who meet the criteria are eligible to apply to the early access program to become part of the new protocol starting on Friday.

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