China again Confuse the crypto industry by allow their citizens to trade Crypto |China trade Crypto

The Chinese court has decided that its citizens can continue to trade cryptocurrency despite China’s prohibition on digital assets and services. It is noteworthy that China has a ban in place on cryptocurrency trading, which is based on the risk to the financial sector’s stability. The Beijing Number One Intermediate People’s Court decided that interested investors could only trade in cryptocurrencies, but […]

Ethereum Upgrade

Ethereum Decentralized Nature is in Danger After Merge from Ethereum POW to POS

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a reaction on Ethereum’s Upgrade Ethereum POW to POS ( ETH) change to a proof-of-stake ( PoS) protocol that has several advantages, including the possibility of making ETH an asset that can be used to deflate. In this regard the on-chain activity that is being reported by Ethereum holders is one of the primary metrics […]