Samsung Crypto Exchange & Mirae Asset Securities Going to Launch Crypto Exchanges in Near Future.

South Korean securities companies have been reported to have focused their attention on the cryptocurrency industry and plan to launch digital asset exchanges during the first quarter of 2023. The companies that are involved are Mirae Asset Securities and Samsung Securities. The financial regulators in the United States have been extremely strict with crypto-related companies […]

Tornado Cash

What is Tornado Cash ? why US backlists Tornado Cash .

What is Tornado Cash Tornado cash (TORN), is an non-custodial privacy system that’s built on Ethereum. Tornado Cash, which was created using open source research by Zcash (a privacy coin), allows users to send Ethereum and ERC-20 funds through its smart contract service. You can withdraw your crypto via a new address once you have sent Tornado Cash an ETH/ERC-20 deposit. The asset can […]


Ethereum Zero Knowledge of Proof (ZK) Protocol will Give more power to Ethereum Layer 2 solutions .

In an interview at ETHSeoul on Friday night, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that ZK (Zero Knowledge of proof) -Rollups are likely to be able to beat Optimistic Rollups on Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling battles. The event was attended by Buterin stated that although Optimistic Rollups have more experience but the fundamentals of Zero-knowledge Rollup technique will […]

Flow Blockchain
Basic Information

What is Flow Blockchain

Flow Blockchain is a brand new blockchain designed for the next generation apps, games and digital assets. Flow is simple to use and easy to develop with. Every element of the platform was built from the ground up in order to provide exceptional user experience on a mainstream scale. Flow was originally created by the CryptoKitties […]

Meta NFT support

Meta Announce to Support NFTs

Meta Support to NFTs Meta continues to push the NFT technology by its web 3.0 latest implementation plans , Meta wants to convert its platform and modules Like Instagram , WhatsApp and Meta to Web 3.0 Compatible as per The world’s largest social media giant announced on Thursday that it will extend its digital collection feature that […]